ducking between the bars of the roadblock
coming down through the pines to the parking lot,
there’s a gathering of streetlights
for some sacrament unknown
& there’s something in the Potomac soaked
summer of Virginia we came back for
or maybe just to get away from the bay, they
were checking cars out of Baltimore
so you stashed your pink Smirnoff
under my seat, wrapped it in the bag
like a baby in a basket—
then we turned off, took a different exit.

quiet minds of the nocturnal, the holiday’s over;
the drive stretched on past midnight.
sometimes you stare like
a security camera when you’re thinking,
reviewing all the footage from the day.
nice imagery but unsure of the ending and how it all comes together. 'pink smirnoff' seems out of place and a bit too un-ambiguous compared to the rest; although the images are concrete they seem to have a sort of hazy, remembered quality. the last three lines don't seem to flow well from the preceding two. i like the first stanza a bit though.

thanks for posting. sorry for the unprecise crit, kind of a weird day.