Hello Ragedmental,

I listened to both tracks and was really impressed.

The Suffering:

The composition and performance was really good. I liked the riffage, it got my head bobbing quite a bit. I did think the stops around 2:45 (just before the solo) sounded a little off - kinda like they had been achieved with strip silence pasted over the tail end of the audio or something. I dont know exactly what it was but it sounded a little forced. The solo itself was cool, nice clean performance and a good tone.

The vocals sounded good but I thought they could maybe benefit from a little saturation so they break up a bit more for additional growl. Its a small suggestion though. The second vocal on the chorus part also sounded a little like a big cat getting angry.


This is a really good song. The intro is sweet - particularly the lead part. The first riff was really good and I loved the lead over it. I would say the same thing as above for the vocals.

Overall I think you cold use a little more bass guitar in the mix, and the cymbals are a little too high up for me (they sound predominantly hissy). But to be honest if I had bought a CD from the local music shop and popped it in the stereo to hear this I wouldnt have been disappointed with either the songs or the mix/production quality.

FWIW - although I see why you say Th Suffering is the better track - I actually couldnt pick it as being better than The Burden in terms of listening enjoyment.

Have you got anything other than your Youtube Channel to follow? I would follow if your on soundcloud or facebook etc (I dont do the Youtube thing).

Thanks for the music - I really enjoyed listening to both tracks (quite a few times now). If you fancy taking a look at my latest track its here (its nowhere near as good as yours...)