It's been a good year or so since I actually wrote something all by my widdle self. Collabs with RedDeath9 have been the majority of my musical activity. But this one is all me, baby. Obvious influence is Opeth, but honestly past the first quarter of the song and a few riffs here and there that influence isn't all that strong. I don't know what the **** else it came from. But I'm pretty happy with it.

C4C, and such. Let me know what you think.
Lured into Sleep.zip
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I probably won't have anything helpful to say but here we go:

I'm not sure how I feel about the bass intro as a whole, but the chord melody in bars 4 and 8 is really tasty.

Riff at bar 114 seems a bit out of place. It just seems like a transitional section, and the transition isn't really good enough to warrant it imo. Just going straight from 113 to 129 would work better (with some slight modifications to the lead).

130-190 is beautiful. The only thing I would say is maybe transpose the bass lead at 136 (and again at 191) down an octave. That's just personal preference though. Those quarter note dissonances though...mmmmmmmm.

The only thing I can say I really do not like is the ending. It seems kind of tacked on and I think it would be fine to end it with a quick fade out at 222.

Overall, while this isn't my style of music, the first half is well done with no section overstaying it's welcome, and the 2nd half is just brilliant.
i see your girl
she leavin wit me

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in the back seat