I have an Ibanez RG450DX. I get some fret buzz from the lower 1/3 or 1/4 of the fretboard, mostly on the E, A, and D strings. When I look down the neck from the headstock it looks like the neck might be bowing up towards the strings a tiny bit. How would I fix this? Tighten the truss rod to lower the neck? I've never adjusted a truss rod before and I'm worried I might damage it. It also has a floating tremolo, will that complicate things?
From your description - low fret rattle - it sounds as if the truss rod needs loosening ot increase the bow. On most guitar this is anticlockwise - "right, tight, left, loose" - try 1/4 turn and see how it goes. I give the neck a gentle push, like bending a stick, to help it in the right direction if necessary.