Hello guys,well,I'm going to usa next year,and I'm going to buy my guitar and stuff there,I was thinking about:
-Fender Mustang I v2
-Used Boss ME-25

But,I haven't chosen what guitar and pickups I should buy, I was thinking about the Dean Vendetta XMT and a Seymour Duncan SH-11 for the bridge. What do you recommend me?

(a 24 frets,vintage tremolo guitar)
Need more info
What kind of music?
If I'm correct, you won't also need both an amp and the ME. The ME emulates amps on its own, just plug headphones into it. Just something to keep in mind to save money.
Do you already play, or is this going to be your first guitar?
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You won't need the multi fx with the fender. They both have built in effects, so theres little need to get both of them. I had that amp and I really liked it. The amp models multiple fender amps and they all sounded fantastic with great cleans. All the effects were great, the only exception being the overdrive, which I felt sounded synthetic. If you really wanted to get some stompboxes, I'd say get an overdrive/dist or a wah, depending if you'd utilize either of their tones. Everything else the fender can do extremely well. I only got rid of it because of GAS; I just really wanted a tube amp and some nice, natural crunch.
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Personally, I didn't like the Mustang I v2 when I had it however plenty of people have great success with it.

Buying the ME-25 as well as a modding amp would be a waste. I would suggest one or the other and pool the extra saved money into your guitar fund.

I think adding Seymore Duncan pickups to a cheap guitar will improve the sound but at heart, its still a cheap guitar. I think that its better to take the money you want to spend on pickups and get a better guitar.

The Dean Vendetta XMT is a low end guitar. Take the money you wanted to spend on the Seymore Duncan pickup, the ME-50 and the guitar, pool them together and get a better guitar. In the long run, a better guitar will play better and sound better. Its my guess that if you are considering the Dean Vendetta XMT, this is likely your first or second guitar. As a beginner, upgrading your pickups won't make as big a difference to your sound as a guitar that feels good, stays in tune and where the frets don't cut your hands. These are the usual problems of budget guitars and the main reason people quit guitar!
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