Wrapping up my first album. I'm in the stages of mixing and was looking for some feedback on where to go next! It's a sort of ambient experiamental guitar album. I promise you'll like at least one song. =] Any feedback would be great, good or bad! Post anything of yours below and i'd be happy to look at it. Thanks!

This is quite a refined project. I've just been over the album (it took a while). Very much a new age / melancholy vibe. These ethereal guitar soundscapes are definitely brought to the listeners' engagement when the beats come in. "Death of Raylin..." seemed to be mastered too high... I was getting a little clipping. "Ozymandias" was a refreshing change with it's synth beat dominance. And "the Nine" had a good bit of drama in it's dominate half-time beat.

Overall it is some impressive work (especially if you are a multi-instrumentalist who recorded all parts???) Perhaps a little more sound diversity over the whole album might add to the experience. Also, it wouldn't hurt to even add a little electronica to this... more "Amethystium" styling... (if you're not familiar with the artist it might pay to check him out..."Shadow to Light" is a good starting point )

Check out my new piece "Meaningless Expression" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ReW4kiKSfU. It might be your kind of thing.
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I'm so sorry for such a delayed response! thank you so much for the feedback i greatly appreciate it. I loved your "Meaningless express" song. I had actually listened to that before you posted on here! keep writing these kick ass songs!