Hey guys,
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I'm from Vancouver and I have to go move to the East Coast (near Boston). It's a university I always dreamed about going so I have basically been in shock for the past 4 months and I'm finally getting out of procrastination mode and starting to pack up (I'm moving in two weeks). My problem is however that I'll be moving into a dorm eventually. I've heard that peoples' guitars get massacred... and I don't want that happening. But the problem is that I don't think I can do without my guitars. Do you think it's stupid to bring 3 $3000 guitar to university (or college as you folks like to call it)? Should I just invest in a cheap guitar and just deal with not having a good guitar with me?

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Buy a cheapie!!! Leave your good guitars at home.
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Go cheap. You can find a perfectly workable import guitar for under $300 to get your fix. Get a good setup on it and you won't know the difference.
Taking 3 $3000 guitars to college is beyond stupid. Not to mention your dorm room probably won't have enough space for 3 guitars.
It may also help you appreciate your super overpriced guitars at home.
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A $300 MIM Tele is a good guitar. Get one of those and take it to school.
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Unless you're renting a place off campus I'd follow suit with the other posts suggesting you to buy a fairly inexpensive guitar. (And maybe a mini amp too! )

That being said I brought a MIA Strat with me back in first year which I pretty much kept chained to my room! xD :P
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