I usually come up with small riff ideas when playing and have the need to record them either to share with my band or just to later come back and work on it.

The problem is that for me recording with the pc interface takes too much time for a simple/small idea, and I need it to be on video so that I can see what I played.

I can always make a video with my mobile but youtube is no option for these small things as I like to use it for the more serious stuff.

What I would like to know is how many of you had this problem and what could be a solution!
Keep using your phone for the videos - that's the easiest way to quickly do these things.

If you don't want to clutter up your youtube, don't load them on there. Simple. If you need them to share with your band, create a youtube account specifically for this. That way all of you can upload & share your ideas, you can even set it so only you can see them.
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iphone or Zoom H1 work great as a musical sketchpad or for recording rehearsals. No need to run video unless you want visuals. Just use the audio recorder. It uses 1/10th the storage.
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My band shares riff ideas through facebook chat or a shared dropbox folder, where we also keep audio recordings of practice sessions. Recording videos with your phone is fine.
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I usually just point my laptop at my fretboard and record a movie with quicktime, then store it in a folder. Dropbox is a good solution for that as well, and with dropbox on mobile you can watch/listen to media right inside the app.
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I got a Boss Micro Br used $60 which is great for this but if you don't want to plug in there are lots of other options.

There is the Gibson memory cable which is basically a cable with recording device:

You can also use cellphone, tablet or PC to record ideas and you could have a Dropbox or FTP server where you share them. We worked with FTP server for a while and a Yahoo closed group (only bandmembers) then switched to Dropbox for a bit. We posted direct links to ideas as that was easier to d/load or you can just sync ftp site or Dropbox for everyone...or another cloud solution.

Soundcloud.com seems to work well with "Private" song posting - basically only people you share link with have access. I've done some collab. projects that way and it works fine as it takes mp3, wav files so you can even dump full stems of your recording through it.

Honestly, the other guitarist and I who are more PC savvy used it. The other members were pain in the a** to get to work this way, so sometimes the dumber solution might be best - record mp3s and do a monthly rehearsal where you go over the ideas with the whole band. Our drummer was so technologically challenged that we had to make him CDs and then he ripped them to his iPOD as he couldn't load them another way

For the price of PCs you can even leave a cheapo used PC in the rehearsal room and just bring in memory sticks.

I find that videos are usually better because I might remember the fingering of a certain riff and a video usually could help you remember faster. It is not that I've forgotten a riff, but with audio only it might be harder to remember them long term and you'd have to spend time trying to pick out the notes.
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The only real solution for your situation is to record the Audio and Video separately and align them afterwards in software. Of course, that kind of defeats the purpose of making a quick little recording. Only other thing I can recommend is recording audio and video separately, but without the need to play them together. You can record and listen via a dedicated recorder, and then watch the video to see what you played. It's not the best, but it'll server the purpose of having both audio and video, even if you can only play one at a time.
One thing that I do (although it does stray from the whole recording audio/video thing) is use TuxGuitar to quickly tab out the riffs I come up with. Its basically a free version of Guitar Pro so not only do you get to see the tab for your riffs, but you also get to hear them played. I like to have an entire TuxGuitar song just dedicated to random riff ideas that I continuously build on. Plus, if every member of the band has TuxGuitar, you can easily email the files to each other so they can add their tracks into the same file to see how it sounds together. Its much quicker and simpler than emailing longer MP3/WAV files.
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Molgav is more appropriate for riff sharing. Unlike TuxGuitar it works in Android/iOS/Desktop, it can share rif via Twitter/e-mail/FB etc.
See riff examples here
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