I've played the guitar now for quite a few years.
In the last 6 months I've been having lessons as i thought they would help me.
We've been through some Iron Maiden songs and solos as well as Randy Rhodes (ozzy osbourne in the 80s). I can play these more or less - I mean I might have to slow some of the fast Maiden ones down a bit but I can do them.
He's got my speed increased by quite a bit. Learnt to read music a bit better.
I'm not sure what else there is to learn now that I can't learn from a book or guitar tab.
I play rock/metal.
I know pentatonic scales, modes, two handed tapping, legato, music theory, a few other scales, can play all the big acdc, maiden, ozzy, Guns n Roses, led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Black Sabbath songs and solos.
He says he's going to teach me to find my way around the fret board - but I already do that with the CAGED technique.
Is there anything else he can teach me that i can't get from a book now ?
Should I continue ?
He can help give a better understanding to Theory, if he knows his stuff. And He can help you build your technique even farther.
imo, it truly depends on the teacher

In my experience when I started guitarI took lessons to get the basics, then went on with self study. In 2007 I went back to lessons hoping to see if it'll speed up my progress, I totally did not appreciate the first couple months, but I stuck with it. As time went on however my instructor at the time started showing me less songs and more of the application of theory. Instead of just learning songs, we broke down the songs, instead of learning solos it was the analysis of phrases & its relation to the chord progressions, etc.

I believe there's more to a teacher than just learning songs or picking up techniques. Some people find that the musical wealth & experience of a good teacher is priceless and is something hard to extract from a book. (Don't get me wrong though, majority of the time those books are written by guitar instructors)

Just my $0.02 on the matter
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If you think what he can teach you is not worth more than what you pay him then it's time to look for a more advanced teacher. That is, if you are still seeking to learn more.
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