I need a multi effects processor that has these features:

- footswitch with presets
- input for my guitar
- input for my mic (XLR)

I would use it to apply effects like reverb and delay to my live vocals as well as my my guitar overall. How much would a unit like this use cost?

I live in Europe, italy to be exact. The music style is progressive rock/metal.

What kinda fx do you wanna apply to the guitar and what to the mic?

They make stuff like that but if ya ask me you're better off with two separate units, one for the mic and one for the guitar, and a single midi controller for both.

Or with a guitar fx processor alone.
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To guitar: all kinds, so reverb, delay, chorus, eq, fuzz

to vocals: mostly reverb, but also eq and occasionally chorus or delay
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IF you want just one unit, maybe this one

That's just what I was going to suggest. There are Multi-FX that will accept a vocal mike (but not really do much with it) and there are things like the VoiceLive (and the gizmos and pedals derived from it) that are vocal Multi-FX that also offer guitar effects.

The TC-Helicon gear will add harmonies (they can actually follow along with the guitar chords if you want) in different voicings (including a very feminine high or a very masculine bass) and other effects (such as "megaphone", autotune, etc.) to your voice, and it will also add FX like reverb and chorus to your guitar.