So this weekend I'm going somewhere and all I've got is a half stack which isn't optimal for where I'm going. I figured this would be the perfect time to work on certain stuff so it'll sound better when playing through a distorted amp. So what exactly should I work on?
You can't bring an amp with you is that what you're getting at?

Getting your technique cleaned up is about practice and consistency at the speed you wish to play at. I'm sure when you play something you know slower than usual you don't struggle with fingering and playing it clean. Just slow your playing down. Not enough to where it's a borefest. But you should be able to play a piece cleanly and perfectly slowly, then speed it up and play it perfectly. Keep speeding up when it's perfect/the way you want it to sound and eventually it'll get to the speed you want it at sounding the way you want it to sound.

Learning a new technique might help out your older techniques as well. Ultimately, just slow down. It's tough I know, when I jam I feel like I'm moving a lot quicker than I should and play a bit sloppier as a result. Calming down gets it cleaner.
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I would practice the same stuff you do as always, just without the amp. You'll have to be extra critical of yourself though as you wont have the typical distortion or whatever to really accentuate your mistakes. I'd set yourself a goal of learning a song you like and just learn it unplugged.
good technique should sound that way with or without distortion. sounds like you may need to ease up on the distortion when using an amp. being able to play cleanly means plenty of practice and not being sloppy. play clean for a while as a warm up before plugging in. this should help.
Work on the same stuff you always work on. It's good to practice clean or unplugged every once in a while. An amp can give you a lot more volume, but that can also cover up some things, especially when using distortion. Playing unplugged can make your mistakes more noticeable, which can help tell you exactly where you need to improve.
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I always practice them sort of thing unplugged. I agree that playing slow is very important but I also believe in order to play faster your fingers need to know what it feels like, you need to push yourself sometimes to get to the next level even if you miss most of the notes. I'd say play about 80% slow then push your self to the limited.