Pretty much what the title says.

I normally use D'Addario 10-46's on my guitar (It's an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, no modifications), but I want to try 11-48's, and see if I can get a somewhat beefier tone.

I've heard some people say that you need to readjust pretty much the entire guitar, and others who say that that's unnecessary. What do you guys think?

EDIT: Thanks for the replies, sorry for never getting back to you guys. I ended up just using some heavy core .10's, couldn't be happier
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Going up string gauges means there is more tension on the neck which causes it to pull forward. This raises the action which will make it harder to play and mess up the intonation.

You will need to tighten your truss rod to bring the action back down to the way you had it before. Some minor intonation adjustments may need to be done too.

The strings should fit into the nut slots fine without any modifications.
Actually, going from 10-46 to 11-48 is not a very big change, maybe truss rod adjusment will not be necessary. Just put the strings on and if you don't notice any change, it's OK. If you do, just use the advice from post above.
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That's about it, put the strings on and check it. going from 10 to 11 gauge shouldn't make much difference. the main thing it might do is affect intonation a little, I doubt it will do much to anything else, probably not even neck relief. Neck relief is where the truss rod comes in, it has nothing to do with action or intonation. Very slight affect on action, you probably won't notice it.

Any time I change string gauges I go through everything. Neck relief, intonation, action, and make sure it all looks OK. Most of the time I'll have to tweak intonation slightly, that's usually about it. And it's usually not much. The only time you'll have any issues with neck relief is when lighter strings already had a lot of neck relief.

Nut slots might be a little tight, a little light work with some cutting torch tip cleaners can widen them a little so the larger gauge will fit better. Be careful not to make them any deeper.
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