So first of all I would like to say that I am creating a Bronco like guitar with my dad. In that being I will only have one bridge pickup and the mustang shape, headstock, scale length, 22 frets, one volume, one tone, jack but it won't have the phasers like the Mustang does because I'm only having one pickup. Anyway, I'm having trouble selecting a pickup. What I'll be needing it for is playing garage rock and post-punk revival like music but to also sound like the Bronco did just better (as in not as shaky while playing rhythm and as cheap like the Bronco pickup was). So far I've settled on picking a Lindy Fralin pickup but I'm having trouble selecting which pickup specifically I should get for my sound of music, baring in mind I'm only going to be using a bridge pickup.
call or email them and see what they suggest
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if there is a tone chart they help you determine. Like seymour duncan or dimarzio for example have EQ charts to go by to help see if they can help you with your needs. More bass, treble, mids, output ..etc.

but I guess if you really do email them tell them the bands you're into if it helps or send them some mp3 clips.

but strings and picks also make or break a sound of a guitar. Usually they don't get very much time in the spotlight because pickups are more expensive and most are terrified of soldering.