Right - so I have a MiM Telecaster that needs a serious kick up the backside, when it comes to the tone I want, for the styles of music I play - I'm aiming for a massive, powerful tone, with good articulation and presence.

To get things out of the way, before anyone asks...

- I play mostly dirty/crunchy/overdriven, and probably wouldn't ever want to use the bridge pickup for cleans. I have a p90 in the neck that does cleans perfectly.

- Though I may want it to sound like a Gibson, I love my tele, and don't want to sell it and buy a Les Paul, though that would probably be a better solution in a perfect world. A world in which I had lots of money and liked the way that LP's feel.

- Not bothered about typical twangy telecaster tone.

- I can solder and stuff. Not bothered about doing it myself.

I've come to the conclusion that I either need to butcher my guitar and slap a full size bucker in the bridge, or the more sensible option, get a tele sized humbucker, such as the little 59 or Hot Rails (both by Seymour Duncan). This is probably what I will be going for, because the only decent single coil for the kind of music I like is probably the Bareknuckle Piledriver

So my question to you guys - what would you use in the bridge position of a telecaster, to get a massive sound, perfect for a powerful rhythm sound in modern easycore/post hardcore? Maybe I'm asking too much, but the less twangy and weak sounding, the better, but I'd like some definition and tightness, as well as a massive mid range and bottom.

Any suggestions?
My first thoughts are either something from Rio Grande, like the Dirty Harry (a P90 designed to fit into a different sized space) or a Vintage Vibe Charlie Christian.

The Dirty Harry is made in all sizes, and since it's a P90 in a different shape, it should partner well with the P90 already installed in your guitar. I'm planning on getting a set of DH HBs- which is 2 of the standard singlecoil DHes under one HB housing so it splits into the P90 mode- for my Malden Bad Karma. Cathbard got a DH for his Tele and loved it. I bet if he shows, he'll recommend it.

The Vintage Vibe Charlie Christian is another fairly beefy pickup. It has some similarities and differences from a P90, but you could call them tonal cousins. I have a CC in the bridge of a Teleclone, but it is partnered with a standard style Tele neck pickup (also from VV). I don't know how a CC would pair with the P90 you already have installed, but if you shoot VV an email, Pete will be able to help you out. He's a pretty helpful guy.

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