Here's my new instrumental track, guys!

I played and recorded all of the instruments, including a little unusual instrument for heavier type of music - accordion! I'd be grateful for some feedback and sharing! Stay tuned for more and keep rockin'



I have to admit I was kinda expecting some Korpiklaani esq umpa beat driven folk metal. This certainly didnt take that easy way out. I'm a big fan of accordions in metal so I was a little disappointed that it only made a small camio appearance. That being said, I was really impressed by the rest of the track independent of any accordion fanboyage. This is really well written and you have a lot going on which you managed to mix together without losing bits in amongst the complexity.

I'm impressed by your skill with a variety of instruments, you seemed to be owning the bass with some sweet finger picking in the video, and giving that synth some digits it wont forget in a while.

If you fancy checking out something....er ... less skillful? heres my latest creation

A fellow multi-instrumentalist. Great work. Incredible creativity and musicianship. I was engaged at all levels and in all instrument's specific parts. I believe you played piano as your first instrument?

Perfection overall... and kudos for the video production. That would have been some heavy labor.

Please take a look at my recent creation. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1675058
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Wow, thanks for the positive feedback!

RabidBadger complexity isn't necessery a good thing. I liked what you did with mostly minor chords, gives the song that 'evil' sound

andyrooj thank you. My first and main instument is guitar, I just couldnt resist giving keyboards and bass more attention I expected djent with that 8-string tbh, it was a pleasant surprise. Good production also