Hi guys, if anyone has any experience with video editing/scoring then please weigh in

I'm working on putting a video together with a soundtrack and various other audio files (to be added in post). I'm using Adobe Premiere for the actual video editing and syncing, but as it doesn't really have DAW capabilities for me to score a midi soundtrack to it, I need something else.
I have Cubase 5 and have tried using it's limited capabilities but as soon as I tried to import a video file the whole program shit the bed and did everything from refusing to play wav files, crunching the ASIO buffers so I get a blast of static every time a sound plays, losing files half way through editing...you name it.. so I've given up.

Is there anything else out there that can do a similar job? Aside from Nuendo as I don't have 2 grand sitting in my wallet sadly. Any tips greatly appreciated
Premiere integrates very well with Audition. If you already have Premiere, you probably have Audition. Worth a shot.
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Vegas Video is a DAW and a video editor if I am not mistaken, so take a look at the trial version.

I'm not sure about midi composition though.
Will you be doing video edits? If not, maybe you can downgrade the file to something that will not take much space and keep the code and work within Acid, Sonar, Cubase, Studio One, Digital Performer as they are all "touted" as supporting video.

So, maybe try doing the video in Cubase first, but render it as something lighter, see what formats are supported, I think QT was the native.