I can feel your breath crawl up my spine
A paranoia that our great divine
Father is walking down my street.
He needs not to be unknown.

Because I no longer need love.
My curtains will fall into place
Glancing out the window
He looks in.

I have this empty desire for things I can't have.
And what brings it upon me is the fact I could have it
But only if I can stir up the courage
To ask.
Im a coward. I am also proud.
And I tend to show off for people I barely know.
He sees this and takes note.
This is why I can't ask
Because he has seen my sins and I am afraid of the word

He also knows I have turned my back
on his religion and his faith
I have told him many times
(In my head)
To **** himself.

He glances at me under dark eyelashes
Trying to seduce me with his religion
God has surely raped me.
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