Not Ibanez's most popular model, but it should be fine for metal. I'd give it a shot. I really don't know if that's a good price in Australia.
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That guitar is made for metal. Ibanez were making ART models which were their version of les paul, and then they created ARZ and just put in heavier EMG pickups, 25.5 inch scale instead of 24.75 scale which is in most cases used on les pauls and they also put on jumbo frets instead of medium frets. That makes this guitar great for metal since those are the specs lots of metal players want.
I have that model (in all white) and it is fantastic. It has great low action, and it's very easy to play. It's surprisingly thin and light weight for a LP body shape, has the tummy-cut in it and good access to the higher frets so it is very comfortable to play for long periods of time as well. The only thing to be aware of is the neck is gloss finished, as some people don't like that and prefer the satin finish on the necks. I paid 799.00 USD for mine new, with no case. If it really is in mint condition like the add says, that 650.00 AUD price is pretty good (~505.00 USD converted). The only thing I'd question, is he is selling the guitar alone for 650.00, said the case cost him 150.00, but wants an extra 200.00 to sell both the guitar and case together at 850.00...
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Hi guys... I am stuck between the Ibanez ARZIR20 and the LTD EC-1000s
Almost exact same specs.. mahogany body.. EMGs ... body shape ... same price as well..

I already have an Ibanez RG but standard so I want to go for something more quality... is there any ultimate preference for LTD over Ibanez or vice versa??

One thing I noted... the ARZ is made in China while the EC is Korean.. makes a difference?
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