Hey guys, I just want to share my thoughts about my net Jensen Tornado 12 Neodymium Speakers I’ve been playing for a few months now.

Please take note that this is not a real review, simply because I have not played a lot of cabs and speakers in my life and I only have a small transistor amp with a Boss ME-50 to get sh#t going.
That’s why I do not write a full UG review. I also don’t have the equipment to do a quality recording of this cab. I’ve read the Rules thread. Please don’t throw that in my face. Specifications and good pictures can be found here:

The two speakers are mounted in a custom partly self-made cabinet with a special twist: I put a plywood separator between the two speakers and a hole on one side of the back panel. Now I have an open-back cab and a closed-back cab in one. Mesa is doing this to their Roadking cabs, which are known to deliver something like the best of both worlds in one single cab. Build tread can be found here:

The amp I use is a Peavey Rage 258 – 25 watts. I took this amp out of its combo case and built a separate shell for it. The clean is ok for such a cheap amp. The ME-50 does all the distortion and effects stuff. As an all-transistor setup, this is of course not great, but usable.
The Jensen Tornado 12” speakers use a neodymium magnet, which makes them really lightweight. As we will see further down in this “review”, the characteristics are also different to classic guitar speakers. The Speakers are rated 100 watts RMS, which is a lot of power for a guitar speaker. I am using the 16 ohm version. The price I’ve paid 130 euros per speaker which is somewhere in the upper midrange but relatively cheap for a neodymium speaker.

First sound test, EQ flat: wow…what? These speakers are smooth..less mids than I expected. The high end is more extended. The bass is not overly present, the speakers are not as screaming “in your face” as V30-like speakers, which are often seen as THE distortion speakers. The Tornados are balanced and precise! Almost PA-like, but that means also a bit sterile for a typical guitar sound.
The extended treble is really nice for crystal clear cleans. I’ve got a tele-position in my modified HSH “strat” which really cuts through here. The acoustic sim on the ME-50 really sounds acoustic-like with these new speakers. And more than ever I really hear the differences in the pickups now. As I said, these speakers are precise as f#ck. Awesome, awesome for cleans.

So let’s play with the eq..and that is where the fun begins…
Let’s stay with the clean sounds first. I cut down the treble a bit to take off some of the sharp sparkle. I also boosted the mids quite a bit to bring the tone to life. NOW this sounds like a nice guitar. I also added some bass to round everything up.
With distortion, the sound stays very defined too. Light overdrive can be very crisp due to the extended treble range. For high gain sounds I also added a lot of mids to give the sound more life and more punch. I cut back the treble even more, but this may also be caused by my all-transistor setup, which tends to be a bit harsh with the amounts of gain I like.
Making these adjustments I noticed that the Tornados react A LOT to EQ changes. I’ve played V30 cab once and I remember that the character of the speakers remained very similar, whatever I did to the eq. The V30s have a significant spike in the high mids, which is crucial for their legendary sound, but it overtops a lot of manual EQ changes.
The Tornados do not have that spike. Playing with the eq really feels like shaping the tone as I want it, instead of shaping the tone around the character of a speaker. The Jensen Tornados seem to be quite versatile.

Again, the Jensen Tornado 12 speakers are different to V30s or similar. They are more balanced, more full-range. They don’t instantly jump right in your face and you’ve got to play with the eq, especially with the mids. You can get many different very usable sounds from these speakers. I love the versatility, the lighter weight and that they don’t scream that much with high gain. They are quite smooth but deliver enough bite. I guess some will hate these speakers for that. Many people love the high-mid aggression of V30s, which are legitimately the number one rock’n’roll speakers and cut through a dense band mix very well. People who are looking for very versatile speakers, lightweight speakers or just want to try something new should really give the Jensen Tornado 12s a try.
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nice review
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