Hey Everyone, I am moving up to Northern Ontario to work in the wilderness for five or six Months and I planned on bringing up my guitar and attempting some recordings on some deserted islands. I am wondering if you had any recommendations for something that is battery powered, able to produce good quality recordings, and is not going to break the bank.
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Smartphone w/added condenser mic or Zoom H1 work well. If you need multitrack, a Zoom H4 is pretty cool.
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I second the zoom h1 suggestion - nice quality, simple to use, expandable memory, durable battery...
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I'd recommend the Tascam DR-05 for short audio sketches when you don't want to set up a full recording rig, its brilliant for soundscapes and field recording too, picked one up for £80 last month
I recommend the Tascam DP-006. It's very small and light weight with really decent built in mics, 6 track capability so you can overdub ideas later. In my experience the batteries last a decent amount of time though I usually use a power adapter. You have real volume, gain and pan knobs right on the recorder. Easy USB out, records to SD cards and even has a tripod mount, all for $100.00. I record my band live with mine often going directly out of the PA mixer and the quality is excellent.
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I second the ZOOM H4n. Audio quality is great, records in stereo, and you can even plug in an external mic via the XLR inputs. Runs on battery power, uses SD cards, connects to computer via USB, and supports multi track recording. It's not the easiest thing to use, but it's certainly the most capable as far as little handheld recorders go.

If the best possible audio quality is not a concern for you, and you don't need all those crazy features, the basic stereo recorders from ZOOM and Tascam will do just fine as well.