What techniques, scales etc. would help me to create twinkly songs(ill list some below)? also, what should i do for bass? and what tone should i go for(for guitar and bass)?
thanks and ill post some songs below:
look at extended chords - particularly maj7s and add4s - and learn some songs by related bands. Look into fingerpicking and arpeggiating those sorts of chords played in predominantly major progressions, and make good use of fast slides in higher-register licks/riffs. Many of these bands use open tunings, too, so look into what common ones are used.

A good song to get a feel for it is Never Meant by AF.
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tune to open c and feel it

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Start at the beginning.

Get familiar with a lot of alternate tunings and listen to a TON of first and second wave emo.
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what open tunings are good? and what eq is good to get my tapping clear(ik doing them clean will help)?