Hi all

I was hoping someone could help me - I have a ISP Decimator Gstring II and I'm wondering what is the best way to order my pedal chain in order to get the best sound? Im losing alot of sustain. Is there another way to increase my sustain but cut out the feedback or is that not possible?

Currently with the way I have set it up, it seems to kill my sustain.

Pedals I currently use and order (hopefully this make sense):

Guitar ->ISP Decimator Gstring II Guitar In -> ISP Decimator Gstring II Guitar In -> Guitar out -> Tuner ->Xotic Effects SP Compressor -> Wampler triple wreck distortion
- >ISP Decimator Gstring II Guitar DEC In -> Dec out -> Earthquaker Devices Distaster Transport Delay -> Boss Reverb -> VOX AC30

Thanks for any help!
Firstly you should know that the ISP's out should be the last thing in your chain, so move the delay and reverb in front of the ISP.

Unless you are using the ISP in front of the amp and in the FX loop at the same time. If so, that is your problem. You can't do that even though it is a common misconception that you can. You need to decide if you want it in the FX loop or in front of the amp. I personally find that the ISP is better suited in the FX loop to kill any amp noise but if you are doing a lot of clean stuff with singe coil pickups then you can put it in front of the amp.

Do either you need to do:

Guitar>ISP in>ISP out>tuner>comp>dist>ISP dec in>ISP dec out>amp in>fx loop out>delay>reverb>FX loop in


Guitar>tuner>comp>dist>amp in>fx loop out>ISP in>ISP out>delay>reverb>ISP dec in>ISP dec out>FX loop in
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Might as well chime in with my own thought while I'm here! I run it in the following configurstion

Guitar > tuner > (guitar in) > (guitar out) > front pedals (wah, OD, octaver, fuzz) > amp input
(Dec out) > FX loop in > FX loop out > (Dec in)

As far as I'm aware, that tracks my signal cleanly being near the front, then the noise of the pedals goes through the amp and then in the FX loop it silences all of that? Is that my optimal setup, or should I perhaps put the dirt pedals before the guitar input (though I think that would affect picking up a clean signal of the guitar)?
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