Are Farida good, I've been looking into buying one but there aren't any reviews anywhere and none of my friends have a Farida

I plan on buying this one which is found here: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/farida-ct-29-electric-guitar-black
I'm concerned about the "tonewood" they made the body out of.

A quote from them is "Farida has gone with a solid tonewood in the construction of the CT-29, using a tonally balanced wood that allows the unique character of the pickups to flourish."

In fact they have the body wood listed in the specs as "Solid wood". That worries me a bit.=/

Also what kind of music do you plan to play on it? I noticed your signature is full of metal bands. That guitar won't play metal very well at all imo.
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^^^^^I see the "solid wood" as a bit vague, but it describes just about every decent solidbody in existence. I don't have a problem with lack of timber specification in mid-priced electric guitars, provided I can get an idea of their weight. I don't know for sure what half of mine are. If it had said plywood or MDF as I would take is as a strong negative.

I don't think the description was written by someone who knew much about guitars. The neck pickup is described as a lipstick, which plainly it isn't, and the bridge is described as "body through" rather than "string through". Also, there is no mention of a return policy in the appropriate drop down. The guitar might be good though. Dunno, I wouldn't chance it.
That's the point, though. Don't you think it says something about a company that they don't have a competent person somewhere who can write a halfway decent product description? Writing only that it's solid wood implies that something else is wrong. It's like saying "tires: rubber" on a car description. Rubber is fine in itself but if the tires were actually good you'd give more information. The absence of information is worrying.

Same thing with the completely inaccurate descriptions. I don't think it's reasonable to just brush that off as "oops." If you can't show basic competence with the easy stuff, how are you going to make a decent guitar? Maybe they are ok, but...probably not.
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Yes, and people still got polio and you had to crank your car up by hand and put whale oil in the lamps every night.

Things are better now.

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And if no one knows the brand it's a safe bet to stay away from it. I once found a "Delatone" brand Randy Rhoads style V. It had the ever awe inspiring pickups known as "humbuckers" on the tag and that was about the most descriptive piece of info I got. lol. They wanted $400. Just nuts...But yeah. You can do a lot better.=) What style of music are you looking to play?