Just a quick qustion.
When you go in the guitar center to try some guitar amps, do you go with your own guitar, or just pick up a guitar there and play with the chosen amps?

Thanks in advance
We dont have a guitar center here but I generally use a guitar in store that is similar to the ones I use at home when amp hunting.
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Either or both.
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Normally my guitar because I know what it sounds like
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I can usually find something with a similar setup in store. It's easier. Most stores don't mind if you bring yours in, though.
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If I'm genuinely interested in buying the amp, I want to know how sounds with my guitar. I have taken my bass in to demo amps and would recommend the same to others. Of course, as my bass is discontinued and I have a different setup than I'd find on anything hanging in the shop anyway, this is the only way I can get a real feel for the amp's tone with my guitar.

However, screwing around playing house guitars through house amps is always a good time, and is still a good way to get a listen on different instruments and amps.
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i used to test with gibson sg's or ltd eclipes due to the fact the quality controls made the differences between the models negligibe, fender guitars are good for this too if you play on those as well.

edit i will bring in my amp to test pedals though, it takes them a bit differently then other amps.
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I, like many people, have more than one guitar and they all sound different. I think it would be far too cumbersome to bring all my guitars when GC has them all on the wall.
My guitar; I even go in with an EQ from time to time since some amps need a little bit of shaping when you play by yourself.
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I am with the either/or group. I can find a comparable gibson or tele there most times.
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Dont know how many guitar shops carry guitars in Drop tunings so id bring my own. Saying that, my powerball i bought without testing first but i knew id be find with it.

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In case of amps, I'd say pick the most similar one to what I have (especially that at this point I have two main guitars which are significantly different from each other), although to decide on a really serious purchase I'd probably bring my own.
It depends.
If I am just there to waste time or screw around, I go with the house gear.
If I am seriously looking for an amp, or other gear, I bring one of my guitars with me.
i've done both. if i'm really serious about an amp and have any concerns on how it will sound with one of my guitars then i'd bring it in. usually i use several different guitars to try out an amp that i'm looking to buy. i play strats so i start there and then usually try an SG. after those i'll try a shredder of some sort and then perhaps a semi-hollow or a full hollow. i just like to hear as much as i can of what an amp has to offer even if i don't normally use those tones.
If I'm at all serious about an amp, I have to take my guitar. That said, the nearest GC to my house is an 8 hour drive away -- I've never really had the luxury of taking my guitar. But this applies to any guitar store, I suppose.

I find that 99.9% of all guitars in stores are strung MUCH too lightly for my tastes. As soon as I start playing it feels like I'm gonna tear the strings right off and/or bend them off the fretboard (I like me some tension).

Also, I can't play sitting down unless it's a Flying V shaped guitar. I need to be standing with a strap or sitting down with a V in the classical position, or I can't play even to 60% of my abilities. Yeah, I'm weird.
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I use a guitar from the store. You can normally return it if you end up not liking it with your own set up but I have never had that happen to me.
I typically use the store's guitars , but I have brought my own a few times
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I just grab anything that fits my preferences. It doesn't even have to be similar to what I own. But I'll play others if there's something I'm hearing that I can't tell whether it's the guitar or amp. The reality is I'm more likely to buy more guitars than buying more amps because of space and options. Ideally, any amp I'm interested in should sound great with any guitar I would potentially throw at it. But that's just me. I'm not the type of player who seeks out a specific sound. I like certain kinds of guitars and I like certain kinds of amps. The two pair together well. I've never played an amp that sounds great on one guitar but sounds bad on another.
It depends on your guitar. If you've got a fairly standard Les Paul type guitar I don't see the point of bringing in your own when they've got 30 or more in the store.
If you've got a pretty typical guitar, then you're probably safe just grabbing a house guitar that has the same pickups. My two electrics have an EMG 81/85 set, and a SD JB/Jazz set. Both very common combos, and pretty much any guitar store has several models in stock with those exact same pickups, at any time. So I'll just use those.
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