I've been playing Acoustic for a while now but have decided it;s time to learn electric

I'm looking for a guitar that will be good for a begginer but also ablet to play tones that I like
I listen and would like to play a lot of alternative and blues rock, even artists such as white strypes atctic monkeys and stone roses but also like a lot of 60s rock like the kinks beatles and rolling stones

I've been looking at the epiphone standard and squire telecaster

which would be best
any other suggestions around their price range would be good too
A Telecaster sounds exactly what you're looking for. A squire is a good start for a beginner. When you get more advanced you can then switch to a MIA Strat. That would also work.
squier tele sounds better for you out of those choices, and like Granata said, one day you can upgrade to a better guitar. Or if you're really lucky you could find a used Fender Telecaster that could still fall in your price range.
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