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HD IMAGES: Ibanez Jem 7BSB

Price reduced!! Grab the ultimate Jem 7BSB + M100C Hard case

(Please note my excellent feedback on all sales and my username is rexpearson1 on eBay where this guitar is also listed, 100% feedback over 13 years trading so no need to worry about authenticity of this guitar)

So this one is really something special and I'm gonna be very sad to let her go. If you know BSB's you will know that since they discontinued its very hard to find one without significant wear or fading of the paint due to the sun. The lack of finish really makes these a difficult guitar to keep in great condition.

Ive owned 3 BSB's in the past and this one is by far the best example I've ever had in my collection, if you are a collector or want the absolute best 7BSB i've ever had the privilege to own then this is the one you will want.

The previous owner to me bought the guitar, played it rarely, and for the last 8 years had kept it in its case in a temperature/humidity controlled environment, away from sunlight. And remained this way until i took some pictures this for this advert. It still has the production run number (guitar number 6) still in the case with manuals. Obviously the entire guitar is completely original, a time capsule to one of my favourite Jems. As its not been played in such a long time it will probably need a set up + some new strings which I'm happy to do for the new owner for £20 or can ship direct to you as is, its a Jem so will play exceptionally well anyway!

The guitar has virtually no wear, anywhere, please see the pictures to confirm for yourself.

Comes with original hard case in excellent condition and no damage (again see the pics)

For shipping quotes please contact me direct but as a rough guide, please contact me with address for an accurate quote:
UK Shipping And Packaging: £25
(includes £1000 insurance cover) and all guitars are shipped with strings loosened and wrapped inside + outside guitar in bubble for extra safety!
Optional Set up (action/new strings/tremolo etc) £20

Standard info for those not in the know:
The Ibanez JEM7,also known as the JEM7 BSB, is a JEM series guitar model and signature model of guitarist Steve Vai. It was introduced in 1996 and had a production run of six years. This was the second JEM7 model and only available in the finish Burnt Stained Blue. Another JEM bearing the same model name was introduced in 1996 as the JEM7 RB.

Specifications for JEM7 (Burnt Stained Blue)
Name: JEM7
Years: 1996-2001
Areas: Worldwide
Made in: Japan
Finishes: BSB (Burnt Stained Blue)
Body material:
American Basswood
Neck joint:
Lo Pro Edge tremolo
Hardware color:
Pearl Nickel
Brushed Aluminum
Neck type:
Neck material:
1-Piece Maple
Screw Head
24 / 6105
PU Config:
Neck PU:
DiMarzio Evolution
Mid PU:
DiMarzio Evolution
Bridge PU:
DiMarzio Evolution
1 Volume / 1 Tone / 5-Way Lever