Hey everyone!
When I was 13 I started playing guitar, and I played every single goddamn day. My rhythms were super tight, and I started writing my own songs. I recorded a demo between the ages of 14-16, but I made the mistake of showing some of my "friends" who also played (boys who only played Led Zeppelin covers), and they all said it was trash, and basically that I shouldn't bother. That among other things lead me to not play as much (although I guess I didn't quit entirely, I just lost a lot of passion).

In late 2014, I listened to those demos and realised that they were totally cumulative of what I wanted to do back then. I put the demos on a tape for a few close friends, and they all loved it. I put it on Bandcamp and it got even more plays. I got a couple reviews even! People started asking me if I wanted to do shows with them, and when I was going to release something new. I want to keep writing and playing like I did, but I'm gonna need to practice if I want to get there. The only thing holding me up is how to practice, and what to practice.

I had a guitar teacher between the ages of 13-16. I can't afford that right now because I'm going to university, so that leaves me in a bit of a hangup. For you self taught people out there, how did you do it? What would you suggest I (re)learn? I wanna go back to the basics, just to make sure I have a really strong foundation. Any videos you think are good? Should I learn chords and scales, or just start learning songs from videos? Is learning songs from videos cheating? Any advice you have would be awesome.
First of all, welcome!

How you do this is entirely your choice, but I'm going to offer you some of my thoughts.

1. videos are good to learn from but I personally don't like them because there's no feedback on what you're doing, although that can go for any self-teaching practice

2. chords are a good thing to learn but scales and theory really aren't that great for anything unless you know how to apply them correctly. This where you'd really need a good teacher to explain things.

3. learning from videos is not cheating, it's a good way to be shown certain things but not the best way for you to absorb them, as you don't have anyone to tell you that you're doing it wrong if you are, which realistically is a step backwards in the world of learning.

one last thing, if you're a teenage musician, don't talk to teenage musicians that play a different style and only that style, they usually say everything else is terrible. that's an open message too.
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Yeah I'm definitely a lot more confident in what I do now hahaha. As far as music theory goes, I'm not too bad. I took it all the way through high school, and although I've been less focused on guitar, I've been playing a lot of piano and synth.

Some of my friends have told me to try to learn to play songs that I don't think I'm good enough to play, and to write songs that are over the top, and then go back and make it more subtle.

Thanks to both of you for the advice, very much appreciated.