So I have an MXR 10-band EQ pedal coming and I plan on sticking it in my effects loop. Thing is, I got 3 other pedals already in the loop:

Send --> Reverb --> Delay --> Chorus --> Return

I'm guessing the MXR should go first, before the Reverb. But that's just a guess.

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Do you want the MXR to feed your frequency selection to the reverb, delay, and chorus for them to work with? Or do you want to cut/boost the frequencies after the reverb, delay, and chorus have already done their thing?

How I suggest determining is to listen to your dry signal sent from the amp (directly from the "send" port) without anything else in the effects loop on. Have your preamp pedals on. Does it need anything EQ-wise? If yes, put the EQ before your other pedals. If your dry signal there doesn't need any EQing, put the EQ after your other pedals.

I guess having the EQ at the end of the chain would be more or less a "fit in the mix" kind of thing, especially if going to a mic to PA. Having it in the beginning of the effects loop chain is more or less catering to our persnickety guitarist preferences.
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I'll try both but based on what you've said I'm leaning towards having the EQ before the pedals. Thanks!