I wonder what size the Floyd Rose Special and FRT-1000 (the so called "Original Floyd Rose" from Korea) bushings have?

Those bridges sucks, but if it was possible to find a nice guitar with those (the Jackson Pro are cool, but I don't like the FRT-2000 bridges at all) to just pull the bushing and insert OFR ones... Would that be possible?

Otherwise I would rather go through the trouble of drilling new holes for the Gotoh Floyd. It's actually better than OFR.
The FR1000 is a pretty good bridge. If you're having tuning stability problems with that bridge, then there has to be something else wrong.
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No, really... In my opinion the FRT-1000 series doesn't hold up to my standards... I've never played a guitar with those that stays in tune.

All my guitars that I have or have had has been fitted with OFR and Gotoh Floyds, and I never have problems with those high quality bridges.

I know how to setup a Floyd, but the FRT-1000 just sucks. Plain and simple...
I've never got round to doing the swap myself but when i contacted OFR they said it was a straight swap for the (german made) OFR. IIRC the gotoh studs are marginally bigger.
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