I play Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and a bit of keyboard. I go busking with Guitar or ukulele

In my setup I brought a cheep SX SBX II Stompbox

This is a wedge of wood. When I looked in side it had routed out hole for an active electric guitar Pick-up (i assume it must be a bass one though cant confirm) powered by 9v battery. It gives a basic low-end thud. Also I lend this to our drummer in church. He uses this as the building we rent does not have enough storage for His kick drum we can only fit the rest of his drum kit. it sounds ok. after talking to the sound guys they said it was a bit dull so I decided to make a patch on my Korg AX5B bass pedal and one on my Korg AX10A Acoustic guitar pedal. (depending on what instrument i am playing that week I can use the other pedal). Both effects pedals give the stompbox a great lift with slight reverb/echo effects that give a more full kick sound.

I also have a foot tambourine and foot shaker mostly used by cajon players

I also have a finger shaker
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would you know of any other options of different foot/hand percussion that people who play guitar, sing etc can use. also feel free to share what you already use/have.

thanks for any ideas you share.
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Mmmmmmmmmmmmm so this has views but no replies interesting. Come on must be some guitar players that use percussion instruments.