i have boiled down down my search for a one channel amp for punk rock to the jcm 900 slx and the laney gh50l. i play everything from catchy punk like the ramones and green day to the hardest of hardcore like the exploited and sick of it all and all points in between. which amp will get me the better tone? my guitar is a fender strat with a seymour duncan distortion in the bridge with one volume knob and thats it, no. effects, od pedals, nothing.
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Probably better resale on the Marshall but honestly, can't tell. They're about equal. I'd probably go Laney as it is more off the beaten path so you might get "your" sound instead of mimicking everything that's out there...but with that in mind I'd rather go Orange Rockerverb for punk rock, especially if you're the sole guitarist in the band. It just has that dense midrange grind that fills up really nice.
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but both would work fine
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I'd go for the slx.
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I'm partial to the Laney. Both are wicked amps for what you want to do though. I feel like it's preference at this point. Try and play both or grab the one you can get cheaper. That's probably what I would do.
My obligatory vote for the SL-X. Was the meanest and gnarliest gain channel I ever owned.
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I have the 2 channel version of the Laney and love it but for punk I say the SLX.
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The SL-X is a beast, but for punk rock I'd say they're pretty close.

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i am going to go with SL/X.

partially because they will likely hold their value better
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