I was looking to replace strings on a Bass VI that I'm new to, but the problem is the string sets I find are a much smaller gauge than the originals. It weird that Fender would string it 24-95 but then sell 24-84 as the replacements.

So with my point being, could I buy guitar strings singles to string the two highest strings (24 and 34) on the bass? My concern is: Would the strings be long enough? Since they are the highest strings they need to stretch the farthest. The scale length in itself is 4.5 inches more (25.5" to 30") and that doesn't include the headstock distance the strings need to travel and wrap around the tuning machines. I'm afraid to spend the money on the strings just to have them be long enough to be strung.

If some one has experience could they please let me know? I'm preferably looking at Ernie Ball strings to slap on it.
La Bella makes a set for the Fender Bass VI that runs .026 to .095 (Set # LB-767-6S); both in stainless steel and nickel plated. They also make Flatwounds for that "Original Fender" sound and feel. There are probably a few others, but La Bella has about half a dozen different sets for that instrument.

Guitar strings would be a bad idea. Not only would you have to replace the string nut, but the Bass VI has a longer scale length than do most electric guitars.
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Guitar strings aren't going to work. But you can totally get the exact replacements. The ones that Vampire posted a picture of. I highly doubt any small local shop is going to have such a niche product on hand right now, but you could order them from just about any store, local or online, that carries Fender.
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Wow, I suppose I should have checked more sources. I feel stupid now. haha I do my shopping at Sweetwater and the only VI sets they have are, as I said, 24-84. I have heard of La Bella but was unsure of them due to my little knowledge on them. Thank you all for your help though I'll have to do some looking around.
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Where could I find this set? I even went to Fender's website and they only have the 24-84 set listed.
Fender discontinued the Model 5350 strings for the Bass VI a while back. You might find a set available on-line, but they were for a specific instrument, so there are not likely to be a lot of them in existence.
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