I'm selling my Fender Super Champ XD (in the Netherlands). It's around 7 years old, in good condition as I've only ever used it for home practice. So no roadwear or loud playing really. I put it up on Dutch version of eBay for €100,- and got 2 bids within 10 minutes of posting.

I got someone on the line about it too, told him I'd reserve the amp while he figured out a date to come pick it up, but I only saw the other bids after that. Did a quick search and found a *used* version of the amp on Amazon for nearly $400. I'm also seeing a few X2's for ~$300 used. Now that is a bit better amp I think. I can't find many more online used, and I kind of wonder if I didn't put it up at a rather low price.

I closed the ad after that phone call but now I think I could get a good deal more for it and should reopen. Do you guys know what an XD would go for?
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I don't know about EU pricing but they sell regularly in LA for $200-$250 depending on condition. I got mine for $200 and it needed tubes. $235 with a fresh set in place. Nice amp and this is the one I take to jams most often. Grab-n-go Fender tone.
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