Long story short I wanted to add a Bass cut Tone pot to my guitar but without drilling any extra holes and I still want to keep the Treble cut Tone pot.
I'm new to modding guitars so my idea was "Use one of those double-stacked pots I saw on a Boss pedal at the local music store" I figured that would work but I have no idea, to be honest!
I just want to know if I can add a second tone pot as a bass cut and what value pot and cap to use, maybe a little help with wiring?
I have a Godin XTSA guitar, if that helps. Thanks!
It will work just fine. There are plenty of resources available online with a quick google search.

If you have specific questions or technical needs we can help, but so far everything you've asked is just ten seconds away on google. No sense rewriting it here!
focus on the first half and do a tone knob that is the easiest part. Remember with concentric knobs 10 is 10 on each individual portion of the pot so you're not to get it mixed up with say the Fender TBX bass/treble cut.

I love the bass cut mod a lot. Fender believe it or not I have had the best experience with. This comes from a guy who wires guitars up regularly... anyways parts needed and I'll help you find a diagram near the end as I got time to kill.

parts needed, if you're on a budget and don't mind the wait for the components Tayda2009 I get all my stuff from. Here's a parts list. You're spending under 5$ (us dollars) on everything and free shipping. You can try local places too but lets assume you're on a budget.

for the tone .. well chances are you got a good capacitor already, I'll mention a bit of insight.
any tone capacitor you want , 0.022uf , 0.033uf or 0.047uf. Depends on your needs will do.
the higher the value of the tone capacitor the more drastic the effect is. So 0.1uf is twice as strong as any of those and will cut the most treble in the parts I'll mention. The green metalized polyester (mylar) ones are what Fender used on early production models in the 60s too.

like before a tone capacitor is between 0.022uf , 0.033uf or 0.047uf. Its your needs

the bass cut these are pretty much written in stone for values but I'll leave an article
4.7k 1/4 watt resistor
0.022uf capacitor
0.1uf capacitor
all the capacitors can be any voltage rating, or type. Just as long as they are not electrolytic (polarized). So paper in oil , ceramic, mylar..you name it, it'll work it dependso n your budget as higher end capacitors make a difference.

wiring wise
like before do the tone knob the same,
the greasebucket do it like this suggests. I know it's one pot but you're still doing it the same way as this strat diagram.

one big tip i can give you when fusing both those components is to use a little bit of heat shrink to make sure there is no shorting assuming your guitar has a little bit of shielding in it. But besides that the stereotypical advice if you do go with higher end components use heat sinks so expensive capacitors don't break. I'd suggest USSR surplus paper in oil capacitors from Europe. Just finding every single value mentioned above is a headache to put this together so I'd start cheap and see if you like it. There is also the mid scoop too out there. I did a blog on it ages ago.

firstly the details on this , i talk about this mod a lot but still

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