Started working on playing a song that calls for this tuning and I have looked everywhere but can't find what this tuning is named.

Starting at the low E string C# G# C# E G# C#.
some open chord version of c# minor probably
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If it's a rarely used tuning, it most likely doesn't have a name. Yes, you could call it "open C#m" but that may tell nothing to people who are not familiar with the tuning. It just tells them what notes the tuning has, but the notes could be in any order, for example E G# C# G# C# E or whatever. If it's not a commonly used tuning, it would be best to just call it "C# G# C# E G# C# tuning".
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That's C# Minor. The strings consist of the 3 notes of a C# minor Triad. C# the root, E the b3 and G# the 5th. This is an open C#m tuning.

You can play major chords with a barre, and one additional finger.

It is curious as to how effective this tuning might be however, because essentially you have two stacked power chords, and only one voice which defines it as minor. The doubling of these, in my opinion tends to occlude the overall sense of major or minor to this.


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Thanks everyone for the responses. The song I am playing is Tangled up in you acoustic version that Aron Lewis does. Wanting to play this for my wedding in July because it is my fiancé's favorite song.
I've seen that called Drop C# before. I think the band Paramore plays a lot of their songs in that key. Honestly, tunings like this annoy me and whenever I'm trying to play a song with one of these tunings I just convert it over to standard or Drop D.