leave it to me to understand all the sheltered houses
a place where you and me don't reside
as you wake from your slumper
i'm sinking under
i.m drowning in a bit of flies

open all your windows
let the summer air in
it's past the time to worry
don't respect the light

your just a sore potato without wheels
send me a dumpcart so i can rid me
of all these ****ing problems
i discerp this book of forgotten names
of people i once remembered but never new

so your the nominator but never the nominee
you like to put us down, you stand there in your crown
you think your so discerning, that your a man of good judgement
pseudo social mannerisms and a hidden agenda

so water your roses, climb up your roof
distribute your winnings before your too long in the tooth
this was a very interesting piece. My first reaction is that it is very emotional and that it would make a great song. I'm gonna have to read it over again a few times for a few days to really give you a more detailed crit. great job overall.
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