I recently purchased a 2003 schecter c1 plus. this is my first schecter but of all my other guitars it has been the most headaches. I seem to have consistent buzz that isn't insignificant and what I would consider intolerable around the 10-12th fret on the low e string no matter what adjustments I make. It is enough to come through the amp unless i have the action higher then I like when i play around 2.8-3.5 mm in height at the 12th fret and even then i still have buzz it just doesn't come through the amp anymore. I have 4 other guitars that I generally keep in the 1.3-1.5mm range and i do not have any problems at all. I have gone from a straight neck to full relief over the past 2 months and back again and it doesnt seem to tame the buzz at all. I have taken a look at the nut and it appears to be a little high but not too high, there is probably a 1-1.2mm gap between the string and the first fret when pressing on the third. its set up with 9-42 nyxl's and it has a 24 3/4 scale length and a 14 in radius. the previous owner did not play it a lot and their does not visually appear to be a lot of wear on the frets and it looks like he kept it in moderately good shape. at first i thought this was an action problem but now i am not entirely sure. the buzz builds up and then stop after the 12th fret and plays absolutely perfectly. the neck was a little dry and I have been trying to slowly get a little hydration back in it. this makes me think that it is possible a fret may have come out a little but am unsure. they all appear to be level and doing a level test with a straight edge it seems ok? if you think this might be an action problem any ideas help or thoughts would be great. my next step is to take it to a luthier but i really would rather not spend the money if i don't have to. THANKS GUYS
It immediately sounds like you've got a high fret since there's no other logical explanation. If you don't have the tools to address that issue, you will need to take it to a tech to get it fixed. A fret only has to be higher than its neighbors by a minuscule amount to cause fret buzz.
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I agree it sounds like a high fret. Take a close look at the neck, see if it drops at the point where the neck joins the body. Looking from the headstock it should look like it has a slight hump right where the neck joins the body. Looking from the bridge end you probably won't notice it much.

That's what was happening wit my Takamine acoustic, which is a set neck, it took me 3 years of tinkering with it to get it back in playable shape without fret buzz around the 8th or 9th fret. I've seen it on several guitars, not sure if there's any real cure other than replacing the neck. I had to file all the frets past the octave fairly low and tweak the truss rod a dozen times to finally get mine to settle in and quit the fret buzz...

This is usually a problem with set necks, I don't think I've ever seen it on a bolt on neck...
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