So, this is a thing I've been working on and tweaking for...probably close to two years, with a bit of help here and there from some friends. It started as an experiment to see if I could write a prog rock/metal song without using any synth lead tones on the keyboards and without getting too wanky with time signature changes, so it's pretty simple from beginning to end, at least structurally anyway.

The organ solo was done by one of said friends. so any compliments on that are not deserving on my end. lol

I just got the vocals recorded today, and I have no idea how to actually mix vocals, so any and all critique on that would be HUGELY appreciated!

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What a masterful effort. Just the right amount of "prog" to maintain interest over the 7 + minutes. Excellent drums and tight guitars. I was also a fan of the keyboard arpeggios after the 5 minute mark. I was hearing a bit of a Blind Guardian sound in that. The vocals were suitable... I was kind of waiting for some vocal heroics for this piece however.

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Nice piano sound, and awesome playing! It instantly drew me in as a listener, nice chord sequence. When the acoustic strumming came in I got a bit of an Opeth vibe from it. Nice lead guitar work! The strings which came in gave it a nice epic feel. I get a bit of a Kamelot vibe from this.

I don't know about the structure, I feel that the vocals could've come in a bit sooner. But nice melodies and I like the octave tracks on the vox! They really help add a bit of body to it. Vocals remind me of Matt Heafy or James Hetfields really clean singing. Just watch some of the pitching.

Overall a freakin' EPIC piece! Good stuff. Keep up the awesome work
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hey man..i love the picture of the bones on your page haha. good sounding track man...guitar tones and the track sounds amazing..very professional...u may want to trim it though. I like how it changes at 230 right before the vocals come in. lyrics are good..it just seems really long. crit mine man? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1675665
Flamboyantly energetic piano leads into similar virtuosity in this profusion of imaginative invention. Heavy progressive rock of the highest order, this music would benefit form a better mix and mastering, as it is it sounds a bit muddy and lacking in punch and dynamics. But there's clearly a bunch of talent here in this evocatively moody composition, really a fantasia of clever creativity, moving in grandiose waves of profound expression and complicated crescendos.
Some outstanding musicianship here. The excellent singing is let down by the lacklustre mixing.
An epic monster of a piece here,,,,,

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