Crush Pro 120W Amp Head for $450 and PPC Series 120W 2x12 Open Back Speaker Cab for $600.

From $800 to $1300 for brand-new amps. I can use them for home and gig. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro electric guitar (for classic rock, hard rock/heavy metal, alternative rock, dance/techno/electronic and a bit of pop) and an Dean Dave Mustaine VMNTX electric guitar (for hard rock/heavy metal, metal and black/death metal) to play. I have a Guitar Center in my town, so it's all good.

Please let me know what you think about these amps and I'm looking forward to hear your thought. Thank you!
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The Crush series is pretty bad Orange really missed the mark, they are NOTHING like their bigger tube brothers. The Orange cab is a winner though but i'd never buy new IMO when you can find mint ones used for half the price. For what you've listed a Jet City JCA100HDM sounds like a good bet. Very versatile and underrated
No, the Orange Crush is awful, it is a SS amp and you can do A LOT better for that money.

A cabinet is not an amp and $600 is a lot to spend for a 2x12 cab when you have a $1.3k budget (I'm assuming). I would suggest at least picking up a cheap but good cab from craigslist/ebay and then spending the rest on the amp, either new or second hand.

A Marshall DSL or Mesa Boogie would be a good choice.

Where exactly are you located?
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The Crush series is not good

Follow the other suggestions given
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The CR120 isn't terrible but you can do a lot better for the price. Your money is better spent on a Jet City or another used tube head. The PPC212 is a stellar cab but I think it's a little overpriced for what it is. You can just buy a pair of V30s and an empty 2x12 for about half the cost and get effectively the same result. Seismic Audio's Luke modern 2x12 is the same dimensions and construction as the PPC212 and I got it for $140 shipped to my door in the US.

As for heads look into a used Laney VH100R, a Jet City, a used Marshall DSL. You have a lot of options in the used tube head department.
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Amps and the like:
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that crush stuff is garbage. everything you're going to play is gonna sound like mud, there will be no subtleties to your tone, and it will murder your harmonics. if I were you I'd look at a used Peavey 6505 for what you're playing.