From the top rack of my most local Guitar Denter sat a surf-green thinline tele. After I had tried a few guitars to no avail, I asked one of the chaps to bring down the tele for me to try. And as soon as plugged her in, turned the amp off standby, and struck a chord, I knew.

What did I know?

That this tele was the best I was going to get without having to buy from a custom shop.
First Impressions: The first thing I noticed about the guitar was the outstanding intonation. Normally I would listen to inherent tone first, but I had just tried a few guitars with bad intonation. Not only that, but open-floor music shops have a stigma of having bad floor models. A trifecta was completed if you know that I play beyond the 7th fret (and often past 12 and 15 with full chords) quite often. So intonation is the first thing I checked. Everything sounded as perfect as a non-fanned board could.

The second thing I noticed was the playability. The neck feels very much like the neck of my Washburn X-30. Not thick, not flimsy. A lot of room to move around the fret board, smoothly and easily. My hand doesn't have to stretch to cover the board, it rests and frets easily. String distance seemed to be quite alike to the guitar I'm used to as well. The action seemed a a tiny bit low from what I'm used to, it needs just a bit of adjustment there (I imagine she is still factory set up). I don't think the tele was played very often, as it sat on the very top rack and the strings were still fresh, I didn't notice much corrosion either.

The third thing I noticed was her tone. I tested the tele through a newer-model VK in the store to get a rough estimate of how compatible she would be with my VK. The stock humbuckers were quite crisp and poppy, at least to the highest degree that I've experienced a humbucker. The guitar sounded a bit muddy at the time, but that may be because I was using the stock VK (no speaker/tube swap/dummy jack). But compared to what I had been testing (Two LP styles and some) she sounded quite nice. I was able to clear up any muddiness in shop, and I had her sounding chimy, full, and distinct within GC.

Gear Use: I've been struggling with nuances of my tone ever since I obtained the VK. After I had a consistent amp and board that would always give me a basis for tone chasing, I've been trying to accent nuances to the best of my ability. The VK is inherently dark and one could say muddy, so I've been trying to make her sound VOX-like.

With the Washburn, I was able to achieve this with only a clean tone, bright switch on and resonance tight. I would have to cut highs and boost bass and mids on the amp, and boost mids with the G3. But it was difficult to get it to work within a mix, and the clean channel does not have master/preamp volume controls. Recently, I've been driving the clean channel with a preamp boost so that it may work better with OD's and could fit in the mix better. The preamp boost I use is the Analogizer, which also has a "blend" option to warm up a signal. But it would still sound a bit muddy at the time.

With the Tele, I've recently acquired a tone that sounds very VOX like with the bright switch engaged/resonance, and it works well with OD's and the RAT. I'm not sure if it was just user error at the time with the Washburn, but since I used the Tele most recently (last night) I was very much happy with the tone I had. If I ever need to cut some presence, I could use the neck pup. If I want the presence I have the amp set to, I use the middle. I would only use the bridge pup for hard rock, although it is one of the more usable bridge pups I've used.

She works great with the delays and verbs of the G3 as well, sounds great with my Wah.

Final Overview:The 72 Reissue Teles are humbucker equipped teles. That's pretty much the only thing to say in a broad sense. The main difference between a standard and the 72 series are the pups Fender has put in the 72. IMO, the pups are nice. Fender calls these pups "Wide Range Humbuckers." They have some natural spank to them, a solid mid-range presence, and can chime/mud up if you need them to. I am still somewhat inexperienced with pickups, but I would suggest they are somewhat a "workhorse" pickup if you can deal with loosing a "perfect" single-coil sound in exchange for hum cancelling and output.

The thinline build of the guitar is neat, although I would prefer solid body. I say that because I feel thinlines (or semi-hollow bodies) sacrifice a barely noticeable bit of clarity for resonance/sustain. Noticeable to guitarists, not too noticeable to an audience. And I would suggest that the lost clarity here can be somewhat put back in by the persnickity tone-chaser.

Build quality is outstanding. Nothing is scratchy or heavily scratched, parts are secure, nothing rusted. There do seem to be a few marks on the pups, but with some polishing I think they would disappear.

The bridge saddles don't have an indentation into the saddle, rather the two pegs are what keep the string from moving. But the pegs are a small ways apart, so the string is able to move upon a hard strum. I might try to make a small indentation myself, or adjust the bridge a bit nevertheless.

Price: $911 ish minus the bag, plus tax. Was $899 plus the bag, minus the tax. I already had a bag and didn't want to add $30 for another one. Quite expensive, and the most expensive piece of standalone gear I have. But I would say she plays well enough to justify her price.

What could improve it: 24 frets, solid body, and a tremolo bar.

Name: I'm thinking "Brielle".

Conclusion: I am very thankful and blessed to have such a Church body and Church representative that would show such an appreciation for what I do by investing in me with this guitar. And just to be clear, she does sound/play/look very good- she is a great guitar. neinouttatehn

And the picatures:
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Awesome guitar! Always loved those wide-range pickups.
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sweet nice colour too
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HNGD! i dig it.

i have heard of people changing the volume pots in them to brighten up the pickups, more specifically the neck pickup. i honestly don't think i have played that model before. looks nice though!

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had to LOL at your what could make it better remarks. nice guitar that has a fairly distinct tone. enjoy.
Happy NGD. Sounds like you are already GASing for the next one!! Enjoy!!
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