You might not like what I have to say, so if you were looking for positive criticism, sorry.

Alright, first things first. I don't really get the purpose of the first 10 bars. I would rework it and add drums and bass punches instead of having one guitar play the riff and the bass follow. From bars 10 to 16, it's alright I guess. I was expecting something more Power Metal-sounding. Not a bad riff, but it's more of a rock riff. Personally I would push the riff by 3 and a half beat so it starts on the 8th 1/2 beat of the 1th bar, and start the verse on the first beat of the 18th bar. It would make far more sense rhythmically.

The verses are a mess to be completely honest. The vocals are off-key quite a few times. On top of that, the keyboards are playing things that do not fit the chords played under, creating way too much tension. The transition to the chorus is pretty rough too. It could be saved however by changing a notes on the vocals track, and by redoing the keyboards.

The chorus was good overall. Everything works together and you get the "epic" feel that Power Metal has. However, the bars 40-41 are completely unnecessary and does not fit with what comes both before and after those two bars.

The solo... Not only is the section incomplete, it looks like you have no knowledge of scales and how they work. On top of that, there are way too many useless time signature changes that looks like you put them just because you wanted to have time signature changes. It's a big mess like the verses are, but unlike the verses, I don't think there are a lot of things to salvage from this section. I would redo it completely.

The outro. Bars 108 to 116 feel pointless, it doesn't seem to get anywhere. Besides, the keys are way off-key on this part, and it doesn't flow very well with what comes before and after. The bars 117 to 120 are... weak. It ends the song on a bad note.

Overall, I think the chorus and the intro riff from bars 10 to 16 are the only good parts. The verses could be saved like I said, and most of the transitions are extremely rough and don't flow well with the rest. The first 10 bars need some work. The solo is quite painful to listen to, it feels extremely uncomplete and doesn't bring anything good to the track. In fact, I think it killed it. I feel like this song deserves a honest 3/10. It sounds like you've just started writing songs. However, don't let this review put you off of songwriting. You should take this critic for what it is and improve your songwriting skills. Writing songs is a skill that can be practiced by writing more songs, and getting criticism. So keep trying, and it wouldn't hurt to learn a few theorical topics like scales, keys and chords. It would make writing vocal lines, keyboard melodies and arrangements, riffs and solos considerably easier.
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