Care to share? Be it technical difficulties, missing band mates on the day of a show, or having your singer show 15 minutes before you go on stage wayyyyy to drunk to remember what set list is share it here!

I'll kick it off

Our band got invited to do this "rap/rock" show and being that it was our homie who invited us we wanted to support his performance as well as helping him fill the bill, little did we know this show was literally rap groups and 1 metal band(us). When we got on stage I felt a sensation of awkwardness much worse than wearing a morbid angel shirt to my grandmas jehovas witness meeting. Any ways we told them we play metal and from the audience "oh yall do dat heavy metal rock" which we embraced it as said yes we play heavy metal rock. We played our set and afterwards there was the "cricket" effect following with someone yelling out yo what the f*ck just happened?. Awkwardest show EVER so far.
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I can think of a few...in more than 40 years onstage you have those nights now and then...

Drove 45 minutes to a gig, first one there, got my stuff inside and started setting up, rest of band showed up. No problem so far, helped get PA stuff in and set up, got my rig ready and looked around...not a guitar in sight...DAMMIT!! 45 minute drive home, grab guitars and run, got back to gig with 5 minutes to spare at most. No time to let guitars come to room temperature so nothing stayed in tune for a whole song the entire 1st set...I think I broke a string that night too...

A few years ago got to a gig and set up, tuned guitars (had 4 onstage) and sax, had nasty noises...started checking...bad cable end, no spare cables, 10 minutes to show time...DAMN....had someone grab my soldering kit and plug in soldering iron while I took the jack apart, soldered it back together, everybody breathing down my neck it's time to get onstage HURRY UP DAMMIT...Probably started 3 minutes late...had a good night though, another guitar player sitting in that night, band leader thinking about adding him for a 2 guitar band. Has was pretty intimidated 1st 2 sets, I told him a couple of times to watch me so I could cue him for some leads, every time I tried he was NOT watching...finally got it across, he was expecting competition and animosity...so he finally started watching me and we started swapping licks, last 2 sets he told me later he loved it, we had a great time. Good player, I enjoyed it too, we ended up working together really well but final decision was not going to a 2 guitar band. He played with us 2 or 3 times, we had a great time once he realized I wanted BOTH of us to play our ass off...not just me...

Lessee...Walked into a new music store one day and picked up a guitar and doodled a bit. Guy who ran the store walked over and listened a bit, told me he hadn't heard anybody else in town play like that, wanted me in his band. We ended up jamming a few times, tried to do a little recording but he was way too heavy into partying and not much actually got done except getting stoned...Not good, I've been a "play now party later" guy for 30 years. Finally got a gig lined up, I still hadn't even met the band, much less had any practice with them, no idea what they would be playing...not a real problem, I played fill in gigs for a living for 3 years. Band leader finally showed up with the PA 20 minutes after we should have started playing, which was 1 1/2 hours late, really stoned, started setting up PA and chugging down at least 4 shots of something an a beer...not good...got onstage and he was weaving all over the place, loud as all hell, slurring his words, fell backwards into me twice, took a break after 20 minutes...bad idea...got back onstage and finally he fell face first onstage in the middle of a song...I mean nose plant first class...guitar and all, and the guitar was one he was selling on consignment...really not good...

Finished the song somewhat, his girlfriend ran over and told me he was dizzy (no joke???) and he asked me to play one my date had requested. No problem, can these guys play it??? We got almost through with that one, his girlfriend came in and told me he was sick, it was my show...Great...I have a bass player and drummer, we're now a 3 piece, I've never met these guys, I have no idea what they can do, we've played a dozen songs, if any one of us blows it there's nobody to cover it...crap...OK we finished the song, I asked him if he could play something else I knew, he said sure and off we went. I had little doubt by this time the drummer could handle it, 3 songs and I knew this guy had college level jazz training and the best timing I've ever heard...I was right, he could handle anything we threw at him, fantastic drummer, and I found out as we went probably the best bass player in town too.

We pulled it off, had to do 2 encores at the end of the night, after about 30 minutes we sounded like we had been playing together for years, it ended up going really well, even the bar owner told us we sounded better without the guy who got wasted and fell flat on his face...literally...No, he didn't get paid...
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I was playing a covers show one time, just me and my wife. Anyway "Sweet Child of Mine" was in there, and I knew the solo, so I had recorded myself playing the rhythm guitar on one of those loop boxes and we got ready for that epic lead, hit the pedal and...

"Over the Hills and Far Away" by Zeppelin..

Okay, I guess we're doing a medley?!

Show pretty much went like that, we played outside at a Mexican place with, like, two people in the outside chairs watching this all. Totally embarrassing, really shitty set..

Got paid $300 per contract to completely suck for, like, five people at a Mexican restaurant.
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