this isnt a song by any means. i was just high and started jamming on my guitar (background tracks were a later thought). enjoy my ****ery

oh yeah, turn the clean guitar reverb up a bit, and the drums' a little for the best sound (or at least the most accurate depiction of what i heard in my head)

thanks for wasting your time on this

edit: these are just the riffs that i could remember. i was jamming for a while before these riffs happened. but i spaced the **** out and got lost in my jam sesh. who the hell knows how long i was playing before? im high, and my perception of time is ****ed. slower than a ******ed turtle in cold molasses

edit 2: ill add more if i can ever remember them. dont count on it though

edit 3: i glanced at "dont count" for a second and it looked like "donut" for a second. now i want donuts. well, might have to go to tim hortons. i hear they have nutella donuts. NUTELLA ****ING DONUTS. shit, now i really do think ill have to go. ****, im comfy in my bed. why dont donut stores deliver?

edit 4: i actually do want responses. mostly your thoughts on the riffs and whether or not you could tell they were written while baked harder than a turkey? or just anything else you want to talk about

edit 5: hopefully the zip version wont crash
high guitar riffs.gp5
high guitar riffs.gp5.zip
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