Heya UG,

I'm currently using a sennheiser freeport wireless system for my very active post-hardcore/metalcore band.

When we have more stage space we move around a lot and it occasionally does some drop-outs during spins or jumps or quick movements.

Not to mention the gain knob is just plain annoying, and it colors my clean tone and messes with the overall volume. Also the receiver is super big and clunky and takes up a hell of a lot of space.

The other guitarist in the band uses a G50, and it's great... but,

I was looking on American Musical though and i found the Sony - DWZB30GB for an insane closeout price.

I wanted to know if anyone had any experiences to compare the Sony to the G50. I am looking to save a bit for car repairs, but if need be i'll finance the best option.

Thanks UG~
Most people suggest the G30/50 for "budget" wireless. I haven't used one, though. Some other people might suggest Shure.

Really, it might be best to ditch wireless and just wrap an extra long cable up in the strap/tape it down. No sound cuts there. Saves you money too c: If you have active pups you shouldn't have to worry much about cable capacitance, if passives you might want to put a buffer in line (but a wireless can color your tone just as much).
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Wireless for me is pretty much all or nothing, I wouldn't even think of using a cable.
Im strung between that sony and the G50 actually, the g30 has quality issues that i've had bad experiences with.
Pick up a used G50.

Even new, it's worth it for someone in your situation. As I'm sure you know.
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I think the g90 if you can afford it (and especially if you use a rack like my band) it works wonders.

Though, the pack you keep on you person gets damaged way too easily. I already lost one and I now need to replace the second one. but that's what coverage is for I guess.

Look out for that. Also if you need to update the firmware its a stressful process, including possibly mailing the unit out.
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