Internet addiction is a recent phenomenon, and can be compared to the addiction of television which has been prevalent in our society for decades. Years ago, only those who paid to be online could do so. But as the Internet became more popular and easily accessible, it has become easier to do several things from a static location, rather than going to different locations like malls, bars, movies, or even meeting up with friends. The comfort and privacy factor are the two major reasons for the alarming rise of Internet addiction in today's society.

Online addiction can be classified under various categories such as bidding auctions, gaming, gambling, social networking, chatting, pornography, etc. Estimates reveal that around 510% of online users are completely addicted to the Internet. It mainly consists of the highly celine bag online introvert and educated males, while in females, it has affected the middleage category the most. We shall now have a look at the main signs that point to an internet addiction, and after that check out a few questions, whose answers determine if an individual really suffers from this disorder.

The urge to always create an online virtual relationship with another user or users. Real world relationships with family, friends and colleagues are completely neglected or given little or no importance.

A user logs on regularly for long hours to indulge in activities such as gambling, pornography, celine bag dating, chatting, hacking, etc.

Since this isn't something that has been in our society from very long, most medical practitioners and therapists are not very comfortable in dealing with its treatment. Nevertheless, as we speak, research is on in a big way to tackle this problem, which is growing to dangerous proportions in today's world. celine handbags

There are some simple questions an individual can ask himself to determine whether he is suffering from this disordero you always stay online much longer than that you originally intended to?

Do you have people around you who always complain about the amount of time you spend online?