I pondered on the realization that I am just a thought. An absence of life. Someone who is not someone. I am a mere image in someone else's brain. It all makes sense. I don't make sense. Can someone explain to me how this could be possible? I need to understand life a little more and how it could be possible to have no life.
Read Descartes
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thinking is dumb

The truth is, there is no objective truth. Even my claim that that's the truth of the subject of objective truth is not a certainty, and me affirming that claim by saying my criticism of my claim that there is no objective truth is in itself subject to not being a certainty. Not even because it could be a point in existence that people would dispute being there/see a differing interpretation of, but by the simple definition of what we see as 'the reality that is really here', anything that happens cannot be considered an absolute certainty to have happened if based on viewing things from our own minds and viewpoints.

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