Hi forums

Anyone know a good practice space around Baker Street? All the places I've been to are around zone 3/4 and most of the ones I've found closer to central are way too fancy and expensive. Unfortunately it seems that may just be the case, but I thought it'd be worth asking.

Baker Street is around the center point of where each member of my band lives, but a few stops either way would be good too. Then again it doesn't look like we're gonna have the luxury of being fussy.

Thanks guys
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Um, no I don't live in London. Do you some British version of craigslist? Chestertonchesterfieldslist.org?
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Anyone know a good practice space around Baker Street?
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You are right, rehearsal space is expensive in London. Baker Street I don't know so well, but you have a few options if you're flexible:

- some people I know have used enterprise studios and have said indifferent-to-nice things about it
- some people I know have used the roundhouse in Camden and have said very nice things about it, but I think you have to be a member / a certain age
- some other people I know have gone in with a few other bands and rented their own private rehearsal space in a lockup or something - I don't know anything about that though
- if you have friends of friends at a uni nearby they will almost definitely have rehearsal space on campus that you can bribe your way into
- OR (my personal favourite) you can be an acoustic band and rehearse in your home and screw the whole system over ahahaahahahahahahaha
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My eyes bulged when I saw £1 per hour for roundhouse, we're just over the maximum age though. Enterprise doesn't look bad. Cheers, thanks for your response. Also I can't afford a new amp.