Not my own band, but the school band.

My personal band played a show with these guys (Trapdoor Social) about 2 years ago when they came through on tour (they're from California) and it was a blast and they're all really cool dudes. Anyway, flash forward to the present and I come to find out that they actually recorded a song with the band from my old high school when they came by again recently. It's really inspiring and nostalgic to see that auditorium and my old band director who was my favorite teacher for 4 years of my life. Shit's crazy.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this because it's cool, but they're also trying to raise $10,000 for the school's art/music program, so if you feel so compelled, please donate through the link at the end of the video.

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Not only am I sharing a video this video had my son and his mesa ridge high school band classmates performing a song with trapdoor social. You have to see this
stew youre not even close to high school age wtf man
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stew youre not even close to high school age wtf man

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Actually pretty cool. Its good to see kids getting excited about music. I know they're already in band, but how many of them will continue playing after high school? Probably like 5, maybe doing this will increase their love for music and we'll get more musicians. Plus it looks like it was quite a bit of fun.
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