I like the intro and effects you've used to get the ambient sound. The drums and guitars sound quite cool.

On the vocals, I'm not too sure if they work in this context. I couldnt quite make out the lyrics.

The music is awesome. Reminds me of Japanese game music / Blade Runner.

The tones, leads and all, are quite mature - a lot more clarity and depth to them compared to some of your earlier stuff.

Have a listen to my track and let me know what you think: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1675307
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Hey aaron.

I like this track (have listened to your other tracks in the past as well), there's a lot of sonic elements to it: to my ear I like the cinematic mysterious intro and then it has a sort of oriental vibe with the main guitar melody. Then I like how the vocals blend with everything. Gives me a Rush vibe at times but it's unique in it's own right. Top production quality as well. Keep up the good work.

If you're interested I'd like to share my track with you also in case you find something to enjoy: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33357808#post33357808
thanks for the Crit! I like the distant type of feel/effect this has at the start. good vocals. kinda punk sounding almost perfect song to blaze to lol. almost has a jungle feel around 150..i like that. great guitar playing..everything semmed to fit nicely. the lyrics were kind of hard to hear..but besides that I really liked this man! )
  • Very nice intro, like it a lot
  • Snare seems a bit quiet
  • All the little snyth effects you have popping in and out keep things interesting
  • The vocals, although not my favorite style, seem well recorded and intune throughout. Definitely not boring

Imo, the cymbals were a bit louder than the rest of the kit, but other than that, good job on the mixing. There was good balance between the guitars, synths, and vocals, but I think the bass (synth or guitar?) could be a bit louder, maybe just add some low end in the eq. Keep making music man!
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! There is no electric bass in "Something to Gain". There are guitar & synths, and some toontrack Rock Solid EZX drums.
damn, actually really enjoyed this song. I like the guitar sound it gives it a cool atmosphere. The electronic effects are catchy too. I think that the vocals sound great until 1:29, they're not bad I think it's just a taste thing for me. The lead guitars i would say need work,It just feels as if they're not going anywhere, but the dive bomb sounded nice. Then it goes back into my favorite part of the song. Very cool vibe over all man.
CHeck out my track here if you can. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1676117
Ah, thought I recognised those drums. I own that pack too

I like the 80s'y synthy almost 'new romantic' sound to it and the vocals suit that sound perfectly.
The solo is very fitting for that style too!

One thing I wasn't a fan of was the drums. I tend to be very particular about drum programming and mixing, so maybe this is just me being pedantic, but personally, I'd use an EZX that's a bit more raw sounding. I thing it would both unclutter the mix, but also to make it easier to add gated reverbs and compression.

On a personal level, I'm not a fan of 80s anything, so It's more of a 6 in terms of my own listening taste.
Overall, I'd say that this is about a 7.5-8/10. It's just those drums that bother me. Fix the drums and it's a solid 9
From all your songs I've reviewed I think its safe to say this is my favourite, just the vibes this song gives are really strong especially the verse with the sweet melody! this has got an 80s vibe to it and I really enjoy that! the verse lead parts have to be my favourite part of the song!
Great stuff man would love to hear move of this style from you
Hello Mr Aardvark,

Thanks for checking out my track.

I really liked the ambience of the intro - kinda dark feeling. I liked the low end synth bass line and that little clean guitar part through the verse is nice.

You and I have different tastes in vocals - I think we exchange comments on it regularly. Style aside though, I have to say (unlike my vocals) yours are well produced and they sit nicely in your mix.

All in all, another very pro sounding track from you.

Nice synth sounds! The rhytm guitar sounds good as well. Vocals are too low. I also don't really like the effects on them, I prefer the vocals to be "clean". I like the verse vocals better than the part that starts at 1:29. The outro definitely could have been longer, it sounds very good.
Really cool intro man, I love the surf rock guitar. vocals are really well done both performed and recorded, how many vocal tracks are you using? I thought the additional synths were awesome just after the first verse. The ending is sick man really well done. Do you use software for your synths? Overall really good track man, one of the best I've seen here without a doubt.
C4C?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1676989
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Thank you for listening & commenting! I really appreciate it! I'm not familiar with The Crystal Maze. Not sure what it is. Is it a TV Show, a band, a movie? For "Something to Gain", all of the synths (includes many percussion sounds) were done with the synth plug-in by u-he called ZebraHZ. It's possible regular Zebra has the capability to produce all of the synth sounds on this song, I don't recall. The synth-like guitar at 2:02 to 2:06 (sounds kind of like R2D2) was done using an AdrenaLinn II. I will review Poisonouspot's music in a few minutes. There are 2 vocal tracks in the verse, and 3 vocal tracks for the chorus.
Oh wow man, loving the intro to this!! I find it pretty sweet that you almost counter the dark intro with a bit brighter sounding guitar riff. I think your vocals in this are some of your best yet. I think they work perfectly with this song. Honestly, this composition wise is probably the best song ive heard from you. I love your style man. Very impressed by this one.
Thanks for your crit on my song man!

The intro is cool and spooky, and leads well into the bass and drum intro. Sounds really classic rock, reminds me of 70s and 80s action movies. The vocals remind me of Pink Floyd. The mix is really good, everything is nice and audible and the texture feels nice and full. The sections of the song flow well into one another, makes alot of musical sense. The tone on the lead is nice, sounds like Def Leppard's lead tone.

All in all this is a very good song, I cant find much to criticise. At this point it becomes a matter of genre as to whether or not someone will like it as opposed to a matter of how well it was made, because this has been made pretty damn well. Good job!!
Dude!!! I had totally forgotten to check back on my song replies here and saw you critiqued it a month ago and I never returned the favor. My apologies.

Love the way this one starts out, the atmosphere is great. Sounded a bit like NIN until the guitar started up. Your voice has a Layne Staley quality which really resonates with me because I'm going through another Alice in Chains phase. Also sounds a bit like Muse with your vibrato.

I love the electronic bass synth sounds. Really good incorporation of all that. Digging it all man, keep it up.
I really love the clean guitar and the synth bass underneath. The sequenced part is ****ing awesome, its like you've taken what was good about 80's synth pop and used it.

The vocals are interesting, not bad but definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Yet it is spot on and very emotional.

The guitar parts after the first verse are amazing, its like taking 80's synth pop again and adding a metal vibe to it. ****ing awesome.

The song in a whole has a great atmosphere to it, the drums sound excellent. What plug in have you used?

The vocals towards the end are really superb, excellent song.

Now for the whoring out bit:

Purple string dampener scrunchy.
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Thank you for the reviews, I really appreciate it. For "Something to Gain" I used Zebra/ZebraHZ by u-he for all of the synths & some percussion sounds. The drums are toontrack Rock Solid EZX.