So tried to do the led mod on my amp. Installed the LED and so forth, then I turned on the amp. Everything was fine for about 30 seconds, amp and LEDs working fine. Then the LED turned off. Tried to turn on the amp but only the tubes light up, no sound except a lo-fi buzz, not even the channel lights turn on. Have I fried the amp or what? I'm really pissed of about this, been doing aesthetic mods for over a week to make it look great and now I've got no amp to play with...
check to see if you blew a fuse. also check to see if there is a solid connection from the input jack you may not be getting guitar signal.
No man, the channel lights are off. Something went bad, and it has something to do the mod I did. Maybe the LEDs were not the right voltage. Don't know...
if you know what you are doing check the internal HT fuse if you have one. it would be in the chassis, and there is lethal voltage so if you don't know what you are doing, I would not recommend it.

Where did you get the power from?